Tuesday, 17 March 2020

No more corona cases from pathanamthitta

This was a good news that no more corona cases are from pathanamthitta district today. since there are a  lot of cases of corona from the pathanamthitta district, everyone looking for the news he spread of corona virus acroos he district. this is due to the itali visited familiy.

but yesterday 2 more cases are there reported. one from thiruvananthapuram and one another form kottayam.

No cases reported at palakad. But thrissur and malappuram has reported the corona virus infections.
so let's assume, we can overcome this dirty corona virus before we are getting this month last. let us be calms.


Monday, 16 March 2020

marriages about to change due to corona virus

In kerala, the Pinarayi vijayan governmebt has taken the precausions that are needed to prevent the corona virus spread acorss kerala. There are below 20 positive cases are in kerala, and most number of cases at pathanamthitta district.

The government has declared public holiday for the students of lower classes till 31 march in order to secure from the corona virus spread.

There are almost all the programmes got affected. early decided marriage ceremony function has been on the main issue due to corona virus, and the govenment has stated to reduce the functions till march 31.


Sunday, 8 March 2020

Report those coming from other country to nearest hospital - Govt Says

Kerala government is one more dangerous situation. Not only the kerala, but the whoel world is now fear under the one virus corona, covid 19. Pathanamthitta reported  more corona report, due to the traveller, those native, they are came from the italy. That was one major goddness, they have no reported on the hospital about they are came from italy. They may be intercoursed with some more people, so all of them are afraid of getting the corona virus. What should do next , don't know.

Some of the foreign, especially the gulf countries are now have strict law on getting enter in to their country due to the corona.
Kerala government also have a good plan to resist the corona virus, since they are succeeded in getting kick off the nipa virus. All other states asking kerala goverment to get resists since kerala have good in resisting such dangeroud viruses.

Kerala government kindly requesting all those coming from other countries to get check up with the nearest government hospital to confirm they have no virus infection. please keep this message and co-operate with government to resist virus.


Thursday, 5 March 2020

Devanandha - Very sad for kerala People

yes, that was a huge tragedy. devanandha has vanished and got the deadbody near by pond. That was very sad for all kerala people. everyone prayed well for getting back devanandha safe. but all the people prayer has gone. The very sad for keralites.

There are so many rumours are there the vanish of devanandha and she was a 7 years old baby. Not chance to go the pond for any reason which is some far distance from her home.

anyway, kerala poilce, the world best and intelligent police department enquiring more on the incident and will get any clue about the incident soon. Let's hope.



Monday, 2 March 2020

Kerala schools about to shut for summer vacation

now march has started. The exams are beginning for the school students in india. Now all the students are looking for the summer vacation to get enjoy with the vacation days. the exams will end at the end of this month and will be the next enjoyment days for the students.

now the exams for the high school students and up schools students. The public exams for the sslc batch, +1 and +2 will start after march 10.

during the exams some of the celebrations are taking place like kummatti, vela, pooram etc, but the main celebrations are coming, in next month like kavassery pooram, nenmara vela, thrissur pooram etc.


Monday, 24 February 2020

Make others happy if you can

If you can be able to make one another person happy, and they want it from you. Just do it. Making other happy is the best experience for human being. No any other feelings will never get much up to this. i am saying this because, i have experienced the feeling today. One of my friend asked me to do one thing and saying many more days and months. But i am just having ugly on that. But when i just do that for the friend, he was so happy and feel very good on the mind of the friend.

I don't see that friend in my life with that much happy, and when i think the happy was because of me, feeling good. if you do not have any experience. make it now today itself. This is the best experience in the world, someone having the happy in face because of you.


Thursday, 20 February 2020

How to get escape from mind arrest

Do you heard about mind arrest. if not, then i can explain. Mind arrest is the state of mind where it is only concentrate on the matter that is always very sad for us. eventhough there are so many other matters that will increase our happy, but instead of concentrating those matters, the mind is always lied on the sad matters. It is very dangerous. That will cause mental diseases.

So how can you get rid from those. Just make a solution for the problem. If the solution is temporary, take that solution and get adjust mind with that situation and try to concentrate on happy things. This will improve over all your body and mental health. always try to get rid from all those abnormal states.



Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Best way to get rid from grey hair safe

Getting the grey hair black is slow process, and you have the many grey color , then i have one idea. There are a lot of hair hyes are available in the market. But i recommend you to not to use the hair dyes, instead dye like shampoos are available.

There are two on main in the india market. one is siso hair color shampoo and the godrej expert easy shampoo.
From the above. i recommend you to use the godrej hair color shampoo. their product usage is entirely different from the siso hair color.
How to use it safe.

when using the siso hair color, we need to apply the whole shampoo, in our head and that have irritating smell. What happens when using the entire shampoo on head while we are bathing,. we need toplace it for 5 minutes, and when placing, the chemicals will be get in to the hair folliclaes and the chemicals bleach the melanin in the hail scalp. so that will bleach them and all other hairls will get grey.

So use godrej hair color, and they are giving the details of application of hair on the dry hair. so just use a waste brush and just put thehair color shampoo, on the brush and slowly apply to the hair. so no chemicals will get in to root folder and your hair will get black color safely. only apply to the grey area only.  also this sjhampoo have pleasant smell and enriched with amla and shikkkai.

so rinse with water and wash it. it is safe.


Sunday, 16 February 2020

Tea makes you the fresher Mind and health

If you are a tea lover, i recommend you to continue. this is the bet drink to give the energy for the day. I am loving tea very much since i am addicted on TEA. I will drink 3 tea per day. But in small quantity.

one in the early morning. Other in the 11 am, one in the 4 o clock evening and a half glass of tea when i return to home at 7 o clock, very little amount. with a double omlet.

When we drink tea, that will add extra energy with our life and body. will get best ever mind and healthy body. The tea have the ability to give the best anti oxidants that will have so many advantages on our body and health system




Saturday, 15 February 2020

Why Need To Have A Best Friend

It is essential that we need to have a best friends in our life. Even not friends, we want at least one friend. in order to get our the worst and the best things that need to be shared among the friends. We have to have a best friend. Now in the wwhatsapp era, there should be a lot of friends in our list, but who can strongly say that the any one contact on your friend is for you t all the time.

so earning a lot of friends, Just earn little friends that they actually worth at anytime in our life. that will be always. even if there is one friend only, it is then enough.

So Just start sharing the best with the firnds,t he life should be very colorful one.

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