Saturday, 12 October 2019

Jio calls to other network charges 6 paisa per minute

All manner free calls end in Jio. Instead, the users need to pay if they are making calls to other mobile networks. This news was spread by last week, the users no longer enjoy the free calls to any network. But jio to jio calls will be free. It is the thing that, the manner before jio launched in that days.

So the users will have to pay 6 paisa per second. So if a person making 10 minute calls to other networks , then 60 paisa will be paid. There are so many suggestions are coming. some of the people getting stand with this decision, but some not. Some people saying that, jio gaves them a lot in many manner, jio calls, data etc since they have spent a lot of money to other networks before jio's launching.

That was terrible for them. since jio launched, the users saved a lot of money. They got a lot of data for low amount. This is very special for them and they are still loves Jio.

above is the source link. to know more details, you can check then.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Cricket Streaming Via Smartphone Apps

I am a big fan of cricket. Especially Indian Cricket team. I always try to watch almost all the series of india and when i get time i try to watch all other team tours. It is very tough to get all the series in tv channels since we may not have time to stay all the time, but using mobile smartphone, i can be able to watch the streaming of cricket matches using some apps.

I prefer two apps mainly for the cricket streaming, both the apps are very good rating in india. Hotstar app and jio tv app is the best in class.

I can watch all the indian premiere league and indian series in hotstar. and if the hotstar is not stream the cricket match, then i prefer Jio tv app to watch the cricket on my smartphone.

Since i am using 4G VoLTE network of reliance Jio, i can enjoy the streaming of live matches without any noise then.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Open your mind - Let's self care

self caring is all. no any other man or person is no much interetsed in caring you. Not telling all the person. but i am sure only a small percentage of people caring other. But most of the people are selfish. They wish what they want to do. During which they are not remember others reaction when they do that. others feelings etc.

In the last post, i have written about how to get rid from the cheat girls. That was story of my friend. she cared a lot but she changes accordingly due to the time. when you no longer see caring people and they have new people to mingle, the chances of haing mind deviation is95%. only five percentage will be care for their old one.

so self care is better than caring others.
for selface, note these 12 points.

  1. if it feels wrong, then do't doit.
  2. say exactly what you mean
  3. Don't be a people pleaser
  4. trust your instincts.
  5. \never speak bad about yourself.
  6. never giveup your own dreams
  7. don't be afraid to say "no" 
  8. Don't be afraid to say "yes"
  9. Be kind to yourself.
  10. let go of what you can't control
  11. stay away from drama and negativity.
  12. Love.
Yeah this was my whatsapp status.
Enjoy your life in your own way.


Friday, 20 September 2019

How To Get Rid From Cheating Girls?

Not all the girls are equal. There are so many girls that they cheat the boy or person when they see new faces. That was the story of my friend couple of weeks ago. 3 years of goodlove, she then avoided him.

She loved him a lot. she acts as he was all of all. She went to join a college. and first year has gone. she then continued love with him. second year gone half.

She reduced phone calls, chats etc. but the boy called her. but she was replied without interest.

She replied, your family is not interested in this relationship. but at the same time she posted some images with the boy in her college as dp and status in whatsapp. when he shouted her, she again shouted to him. that was big pain for him. He never expected that much response from her. then when he calls, she cuts the calls, and warns do not message her again. In malayalam that will called all thepp.

she is very cruel and god will asks her about avoiding that guy and she will never get happy by hurting him in her future.

so do not trust over any girl. they will get hurt you. That is a universal truth, i think. He is now getting broken hearted, no interest in works, food and in sleep. so kick off such girls.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Good Songs Convey Good messages

We all love music, songs. songs are of different moods. slow songs, fast songs etc. The songs play vital role in controlling and experiencing human mind. when your mind is free you just listen songs. When you are in feeling, you will then listen lyrics. So the song listening have 2 parts though.

I love songs. No many kind. but love songs from all the musicians. Tamil, malayalam, hindi songs love mosts. I have so many songs in my smartphone. thousands of songs collection in my smartphone. More than that count in my laptop along with movies.

Some songs will convey good messages to listener.

I litern songs according to my moods. I have huge collection and i classify all of them according to the genre. so songs selection will be very easy.

I am using JioMusic now Jiosaavn as music streaming for online since Jio 4g network gives me free access to their library having millions of songs in them.

If you love music, then it can give you to get rid from all your sorrows. it can refresh your mind in high manner.

just love to listen songs, just sing songs in your bathrooms etc will help you a lot in stress mind in this busy world. That's all.


Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Best Onam Offers from mobile networks in kerala

The mobile networks leading in kerala are Jio, Idea, Vodafone, airtel and bsnl. They have helped a lot in the flood of kerala 2018 and 2019. Very good companies having many customers. Now we are looking for the best offers they are going to announce in this onam season kerala.

Onam is the well known festival in kerala , celebrates all the kinds of people together. This onam is coming just the interval of 2 years since last year, onam celebration was not much more due to massive flood in kerala during the time.

Although the mobile networks are not meant to provide offers in onam season, we are expecting some of the special offers for their loyal customers.

I am using Reliance jio and Vodafone india mobile network in my smartphone. I am well satisfied with jio since i am doing my projects with the net recharge on Jio. Jio giving many data for less amount and i am used to recharge with their coupon code on their recharge app.

Eagerly waiting for any new offers for customers like us in this onam season.


Friday, 16 August 2019

Jio Giving Free calls and internet till 2019 august 18 due to flood in kerala

Reliance Jio is about to give free internet and voice calls for all the subscribers in kerala till 2019 august 18. This is because kerala getting flood from august 2nd week like previous years. There are hughe rainfall in that week so many flood and urulpottal has been there. over 100+ men were killed in the flood.

Electric section and mobile network is getting down. But temporary network problems will fixed soon. Due to the people struggle, Reliance Jio announced free data and voice calls for the people in order to use it for rescue services in kerala. This will be very helpful for those affecting people to get contact their nearest and dearest, to get contact government instituitions etc.

From the news we have the information that other companies like vodafone and airtel announced same free offers for the customers in kerala.

Now kerala recovering slowly from the flood after independence day since the rate of rainfall graph is in decline after independence day.

it is very fine the flood is not much dangerous than previous year flood. But the flood most affected in malappuram and wayanad district in hill areas.

This is kerala will get recover fast due to a lot of good person.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Jio Offers gigaTV alternative to Jio DTH

Reliance Jio offering the Jio GigaTV in connection with jio gigafiber broadband connection. which is alternative to the jio dth service. The only difference is that the DTH is from air and the gigaTV is by using the broadband connection. That uses data in order to make it tv channels streaming occurs.

Due to this, the users can be able to watch tv channels in ultra hd formats. The users can be get one set top box like control box and a remote controller along with the jio gigafiber connection.

GigaFiber is the india's one and only FTTH home broadband network in india, which is now launched in august 12, 2019. The service was launched by the Reliance Jio chairman Mukesh ambani. He have one more the service is to launch, the dth service which direct to home service.

Jio plays with entertainment part of the users. they have jio tv app which is the smartphone app for the jio sim users. they can watch tv channels with the smartphone. really this is a pocket tv, you can watch and enjoy anytime , anywhere.

Joining jio is very affordable. you can get high quality services from jio in very cheap rate. so let's be a part of reliance jio communication network.

Reference Links:


Saturday, 10 August 2019

Rumours on Jio DTH & Broadband launch in august 12, 2019

The much awaited dth service in india, Jio DTH is likely to launch their both dth service and broadband service in coming 12 august 2019. The news was from some of the trusted sources and so many news portals has reported the news.

So many enquiries have been came to my website asking that, the news is true of fake. The people still not just trust because, Jio has announced these services two years ago, so they still have no any idea. They believe only when the service launch takes place.

Jio dth is very much awaited. so many users are still wan the cheap and bes dth services since many of them are paying high amount for their dth services. That is the current service providers.
also waiting for good welcome offers as the customers got for 4G VoLTE network. The Jio 4G Voice app is used for LTE to VoLTE conversion.

Jio dth will be highly appreciable to get the connection and will have some more customers in the initial stage. Sure if Jio give good service as like their mobile network, Jio dth will get the same customer base in huge.


Read: Jio GigaFiber


Monday, 5 August 2019

Jio Business Model - How Simple It Is..

I am very excited to see the success of Mukesh Ambani Reliance Jio. I am always excited how this happen, when Jio came to the market having biggest brands playing very well. How can afford one more mobile network in india, since Reliance's mobile, uninor etc has shut down their business due to heavy competition from these big giants.

But Jio outranked all those, not in any particular state, but whole india.

From the research on internet, i have found, Jio have smart in playing business and know how to outrank their competition even there are big brands running successfully. They adopting USP (Unique Selling Point), in their business strategies to be differ from other.

So what is USP?
By investing huge capital, they provide better services and products to the users in free manner for a limited time period. Their services and products will be 200% better that that offer by their competitive brands. So, in the free period, the customers will get the high quality services, and they are no longer need to or no longer wish to use the service of product by giving high cost.

This strategy applied by reliance Jio, while launching, they provided better services for their users for 6 months. Now almost every mobileuser have one Jio SIM in their smartphone. Jio launched by applying 4G network through out india, while other still not completed their 3G coverage to 4G.


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