Sunday, 16 February 2020

Tea makes you the fresher Mind and health

If you are a tea lover, i recommend you to continue. this is the bet drink to give the energy for the day. I am loving tea very much since i am addicted on TEA. I will drink 3 tea per day. But in small quantity.

one in the early morning. Other in the 11 am, one in the 4 o clock evening and a half glass of tea when i return to home at 7 o clock, very little amount. with a double omlet.

When we drink tea, that will add extra energy with our life and body. will get best ever mind and healthy body. The tea have the ability to give the best anti oxidants that will have so many advantages on our body and health system

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Why Need To Have A Best Friend

It is essential that we need to have a best friends in our life. Even not friends, we want at least one friend. in order to get our the worst and the best things that need to be shared among the friends. We have to have a best friend. Now in the wwhatsapp era, there should be a lot of friends in our list, but who can strongly say that the any one contact on your friend is for you t all the time.

so earning a lot of friends, Just earn little friends that they actually worth at anytime in our life. that will be always. even if there is one friend only, it is then enough.

So Just start sharing the best with the firnds,t he life should be very colorful one.

Temperature increasing In Kerala

The winter season is on the go, and the summer is on the way in kerala, and the temperature is increasing slowly. The next month will be high on the temperature and the increase will be on the other month of next.

usually the temperature will increase upto 45-46 degree celcius in kerala. In kerala, palakkad will be the highest temperature, and other districts does not have much, when compared to palakkad.

the government will be rearrange the working time for the labors from morning 6-11, and in evening 3-6 toe escape from sun..

the people should take care of the sun light and should drink water as much as possible in coming months.


Malayali Cricket Zone - The Facebook Group For Malayali Cricket Fans

Malayali cricket zone, is the facebook group for the cricket fans of kerala. There are a lot of posts were posted and sharing on this group. each and every cricket fans are enjoying the cricket together by discussing on the comments etc. This is love cricket, each and every one should share their memories, their knowledges etc on this group to spread the knowledge.

This group is now having many members. The discussion is on each and every match. The members can sgare their dream team for the matches. no sledging is allowed in this group, each and every members are friends. they should respect each other.

The real cricket fans or lovers here. Not only the members enjoying the team india matches, but all the members are sharing the views and comments on each and every matches that is on the globe now playing.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Vava suresh has got beaten By Snake

The famous snake catcher vava suresh from kerala has been beaten by a snake, anali on yesterday. Now he is admitted on the medical college hospital trivandrum. He is a good human being, and we have to pray for him to get well soon.

It is happened when he get in to a well to catch the anali snake. so he got beaten.
He is a good character and no any bad news on him. he is always very pleasant with the man who going to him and talk. He is now a celebrity, and a lot of ceremony he has attended in previous years.

No what we have to do is, just pray to god that he have to get well very soon.


Thursday, 13 February 2020

Valentines day - For real lovers only -not for fake

I am not in with the valentines day. These days all the loves canoot be take as the real. some will hurt. I have got hurt recently from a fake one. That is very crucial. She is now in front of me, but i will take a best tea nd parippuvada for her.

The worst time that was in my life. worst means very worst. Getting thecruel. got tension all the day. no sleep at night. the smoking has increased. all those due to that bloody dash.

If you are not genuine, then do not love others. she is very genune, i thought, but all the aftereffects was experienced by me. very cruel and have a dirty mind with her. Very cruel.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Very good climate now at palakkad

It is when compared to the previous year,  the palakkad has good climate. having not much hot and cool. Have the best climate now. Now the air is on night so that not experiencing much hot. don't know why it is now, even without fan, can sleep very well. Just need to open one window, it is fine. No mosquito now.

What will be the next coming months, no any idea. so i recommend to get ready to face any issue that may be come in the coming months.

it is better to eat the fruits and vegetables. drink the water enormously. drink very detailed. drink all the time. you have to water in take of 3-4 litres. but no any issue while having more than that.

Now Video call possible via Jio Fixed Landline

Now Jio added the best features on their calling app Jio4gvoice to make video calls on fixed landline of their own. Now the developers added the feature to set the Jio fixed landline video calling with the new update on Jio call app.

it is beneficial for those looking for the best experience on video calls with the JioCall app. Now enjoy the video calls on mini screen.

The JioCall is updated with the feature to add the JioFiber calling features so that it is possible to make video calls in crystal clear video format.

But i have tried to make while connecting using the JioFi modem and connected with Jio fixed landline phone. But i am experiencing the problem of getting error while connect with the JioFi modem.

Then i tried to ask for the micrsoft forum, and i am waiting for the microsoft expert to solve the issue with the windows 7 operating system personal computer.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Complete India whitewash By NZ

This is the revenge, the complete whitewash back India in ODI series by New zealand. what a super performance By new zealand, and some balls are balance for the account of india. The complete whitewash revenge.

When the ttop order players came to the team such as henry nicholls, nisham, grandheome etc, new zealand became the super strong as they are in the world cuo. very poor team india, without rohit sharma , shikhar dhawan, muhammed shami and bhuvneshwar kumar.

New zealand won the complete match against India. the complete whitewash. In india, Jadeja, rahul and manish pandey played well. But the mayank agarwal has completely failed on the chance given for him. I strongly recommend to include sanju v samson for the ODI teal also, and rishabh pant too.
when add, india will be moderate good team. Mayank agarwal and kedhar jadav completely ouot of form.

Anyway, congrats for team new zealand for the complete ODI winning.


World No 1 Batsman and Bowler Out of form

The ODI series between India and New zealand was horrible for the top number one icc ranking batsman and bowler  very bad luck. Both have complete out of form in this series. In bowling, Jasprit bumrah cannot take a single wicket. he is now the top number one bowler on ICC ranking.

Also virat kohli out of form, he can't make huge in runs. And after 30 years, India lost complete matches on ODI series in the away matches.

The injury on top order batsman rohit and dhawan makes india very critical condition. next is the test match. In my opinion, mayank agarwal is the man who is not suitable for ODI matches for India. He is suitable for test team in india. so i am going to talk with.

so next we are waiting for the test series. To overcome the bad things that have hapened in this odi series, India should win the test series against New zealand that are going to start soo.
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