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onam sadya 2017 items; Happy Onam wishes images

onam sadya 2017 items

The main when come in point of onam are onam sadya, onam pookalam, onam games, etc. Onam sadya is very important. each malayalee will celebrate onam in their home with their relatives full of happiness, feed onam sadya with all the family members in lunch. That was very good and sweetest moment for all the malayalees. along with meals they make a lots of curries with different taste .payasam, pappadam etc are another important.
onam sadya 2017
Here are what are the items for onam sadya we make.

1) meals
2) parippu curry
3) sambar
4) Rasam
5) pulissery
6) sambharam
7) moru curry
8) olah
9) pineapple pulissery
11) Thoran
12) Vellarikka pachadi
13) paavakka theeyal
14) koottu curry
15) beet root pachadi
16) pacha manga kichadi
17) pickles
18) pappadam
19) ada pradhaman
20) parippu pradhaman
21) nenthra pazha pradhaman
22) pazham nurukku
23) nei payasam
24) banana chips

we hope you find out the onam dishes for onam sadya 2017. let move to recipes.

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