Friday, 7 October 2016

pulimurugan first day collection and review

pulimurugan first day collection and review

The first day collection of pulimurugan crossess 10 crore rupees

After watching South Indian superstar Mohanlal’s latest cinematic outing ‘Pulimurugan’, one is not surprised as to why Malayalis continue to parade him as one of their cult crazes. The action thriller marks the solo debut of Udaykrishna as a scriptwriter (the first half of the hit screenplay-duo Udayakrishna-Siby K Thomas who parted ways in early 2015, and who were often criticized for churning out mindless blockbusters such as Pokiri Raja, Christian Brothers, Maya Mohini etc). Directed by Vysakh who is guilty of earlier cinematic crimes like Pokkiri Raja, Seniors and Sound Thoma, the movie is a definite improvement over his previous celluloid outings.
So we have Pulimurugan who is the avowed Saviour of Puliyoor (a hillock village nestled in the wild) whose professed vocation is to annihilate tigers-turned-man-eaters, the moment they pose a serious threat to human life. The rest of the cast kowtow before this larger-than-life hero who is convincingly portrayed by the thespian. There are many moments onscreen where the almost inhuman courage and strength portrayed by the lead character would have come across as downright ridiculous, but Mohanlal brings in just that subtle mix of infallibility and vulnerability that has you rooting for him till the end.


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