Tuesday, 8 August 2017

onam proverbs in malayalam


Malayalm and onam is the biggest and supermost culture in india. Their history, culture, society all are different in many ways. From the ancient days, the keralites celebrates onma with full of joy, happiness, prosperity and mindfullness. That is the ever biggest celebration of their own. So they celebrate it with their families, neighbors and other their natives.

For onam and associated with the school syllabus, the students have many projects to handled for their onam exams. And one of the projects associated with the onam is their data collectio in association with onam, such as collection of onam songs, onam history, onam games, onam proverbs collection, the words associated with onam etc.

Today In this exclusive blog of onam 2017 , we have a collection of onam proverbs also in malayalam known as onam pazhamchollukal collection.

Here is you onam Gift

Let us check it out.


onam pirannalum unni pirannalum koranu kumbilil thanne kanji.
kaanam vittum onam unnanam.
onathinidayil puttu kachavadam
 Atham pathinu ponnonam
Atham karuthal onam velukkum
atham chithira chothi, anthikithiri vattu atheekootan thalu ammede mokathoru kuthu
uthradam uchayakumbol achimarku vepralam
undenkil onam, illenkil pattini
onam kazhinjal, olappura ottupura
onam varanoru moolam venam
onam muzhakolu pole
onamunda vayare choolam paadikkida
onamunda vayar choolam padum
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onathinu urumbum karuthum
onatan vithachal onathinu puthari
onathekal valiya makamundo
ezhonavum chingathile ponnonavum onnichu vannalo?
chingamasathinl thiruvonathil poochakku vayaru vedhana
thiruvonam thiru thakrithi
thiruvonathinillathathu theekattakenthinu?
randonam kandonam, moononam mukkimooli, naalonam nakkem thodachum, anchinam pinchonam
vaavu vannu, vaathilu thurannu, nira vannu thiram kootti, puthari vannu pathari vachu, onam vannu ksheenam maari

onam pazham chollukal

onam proverbs in malayalam

in onam associated with, there are a lots of proverbs. in malayalam , called pazhamchollukal. here we are going to publish some malayalam onam proverbs. purely in malayalam language.    onam pirannalum unni pirannalum koranu kumbilil thanne kanji.  we hope you enjoy the proverbs related to onam. happy onam 2017 YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:




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